University of Southern Indiana’s Campus Accessibility Guide

March 01, 2019–May 01, 2019

The University of Southern Indiana’s Campus Accessibility Guide is a student-driven guide to accessibility on campus.

Armed with tape measures and digital cameras, students surveyed campus buildings to identify accessible spaces as well as potentially problematic features. They considered visual, olfactory, and auditory features that could affect someone with sensory processing challenges, as well as dining options for those with dietary restrictions.

Students participating in this project reported increased awareness of the conversations around disability and access, the need to create welcoming and not just compliant spaces, and the roles that writing and rhetorically effective communication can play in improving accessibility. To produce their guide, students researched ADA guidelines and modeled their work on the Conference on Composition and Communication Accessibility Guide.

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Dr. Joy Santee
Associate Professor of English
University of Southern Indiana
jsantee at usi dot edu

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