Rhetoric Society Quarterly

Rhetoric Society Quarterly, the official journal of the Rhetoric Society of America, features original articles on all areas of rhetorical studies including theory, history, criticism, and pedagogy. The journal addresses an interdisciplinary audience of scholars and students of rhetorics who work in communication studies, English studies, philosophy, politics, and other allied fields.

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Articles Include

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  • “It’s Just Business”: Michael Jackson’s Purchase of the Beatles Catalog as Counterpunch, Copia, and Rhythmic Reparations
  • Strategic Linguistic Choices within the Swedish Disability Movement: Practical Reasoning, Agency, and Antiableist Challenges
  • Exigence at the Dawn of Recommendation Media: Dramatizing Salience in Audio Memes
  • “Our Hidden Revenge”: Anti/Colonial Rhetorics at a Korean Women’s College Graduation, 1918
  • Epideictic Listening: From a Reflective Case Study to a Theory of Community Ethos
  • Transforming Confederate Memory Sites into Spaces for Encounter: Reclaiming Space at Marcus-David Peters Circle


Rhetoric Society Quarterly invites book reviews, shorter essays in alternative writing modes, and article-length manuscripts on all aspects of rhetoric, including theory, history, criticism, and pedagogy.

Essay submissions judged appropriate for RSQ are sent for anonymous peer review to external referees, usually in two different disciplines; a decision usually will be made within three months of receipt of the manuscript. Book review inquires can contact the Book Review Editor. 


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