Rhetorics for All Project Submission

Using a broad understanding of the public humanities, Rhetorics for All seeks to catalogue a wide range of public projects. The following is a non-exclusive list of the various types of public work which we wish to catalogue.

  1. Public Audiences. We are seeking rhetorical research that brings the ideas and insights of rhetorical scholarship to a general audience. This includes podcasts, public lectures, public writing, op-eds, editorials, letters, blogs, or writing circulated on the web.
  2. Engaged Research. We are seeking work in which rhetorical scholars partner with community members at any stage in the research, writing, publishing process. This includes rhetorical field work that relies on community engagement.
  3. Engaged pedagogy. We are seeking innovative pedagogies designed to engage students in public life. This includes service-learning projects, internships, curriculum re-designs, etc.
  4. The infrastructure of engagement. We want to catalogue structures that support public scholarship and public engagement, including degree programs, symposiums, lecture-series,technologies, centers, and funding mechanisms.

Because the value of the RFA depends on broad participation, RSA strongly encourages its membership to submit their publicly engaged work.


If you’d like additional clarity or have specific questions, contact the RFA committee by clicking below.

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