Teaching Environmental Communication Zine

September 01, 2023–January 27, 2024

This zine offers a collection of creations, collaborations, and conversations that exemplify environmental communication praxis. Dr. Catalina de Onís designed and edited this resource, in collaboration with many contributors, whose names and work appear throughout the zine. This project is dedicated to environmental communication teacher-scholar Professor Steve Schwarze.

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About the Project


  • Project Lead

    Catalina de Onís

    University of Oregon

  • Jayson Maurice Porter

    Brown University

  • Lina C. Pérez-Angel

    Brown University

  • Alissa Ujie Diamond

    University at Buffalo

  • Lemir Teron

    Howard University

  • Ted Endreny


  • Ashley Cordes

    University of Oregon

  • Nicolas Hernandez

    University of Utah

  • Danielle Endres

    University of Utah

  • Adrienne Cachelin

    University of Utah

  • Sirena Montalvo

    Comité Caborrojeño Pro Salud y Ambiente

  • Phaedra C. Pezzullo

    University of Colorado Boulder

  • Melanie Brown

    BBC Studios

  • Arturo Sarmiento

    Radio Poder

  • Pilar Egüez Guevara

    Comidas que Curan

  • Madison Jones

    University of Rhode Island

  • Willow Ross

    University of Melbourne

  • Joanne Marras Tate

    University of Colorado Boulder

  • Mathew Sharples

    University of Colorado Boulder

  • Elja Roy

    University of Memphis

  • Sneha Goswami

    University of Memphis

  • Joy Reeves

    Duke University

  • Mark Pedelty

    University of Minnesota

  • Rebecca Dirksen

    Indiana University

  • Yan Pang

    Point Park University

  • Alicia Díaz

    University of Richmond

  • Mary Finley-Brook

    University of Richmond

  • Patricia Herrera

    University of Richmond

  • Mariela Méndez

    University of Richmond


Multi-sited, online project

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Project contributors shared funding information within the zine.