La Chispa: Sparking, Sustaining, and Strengthening Environmental Justice

August 22, 2017–May 13, 2019

This largely student-led, multidisciplinary coalition was committed to uncovering and uprooting environmental racism, addressing the inequities of environmental privilege, and advocating for environmental, climate, and energy justice. Student members contributed to a wide range of activities:

-Organizing and delivering workshops for Willamette Academy, a college-access program, primarily serving Latine/x youth.
-Organizing and facilitating campus-wide events that centered migrant justice, among other topics and movements.
-Preparing content for and hosting Worldviews Wednesday, a 49-segment podcast for a local radio station (Sept. 2017-Aug. 2018).
-Co-creating and supporting the Students Organizing for Access to Resources (SOAR) Center, especially the food pantry and clothing share.
-Addressing urgent social and environmental injustices, all of which emphasized experiential learning and advocacy committed to understandings informed by intersectionality.
-Generating a Spanish/English zine to communicate earthquake hazards in Salem, OR.

Contact Info

About the Project


  • Project Lead

    Catalina de OnĂ­s


    University of Oregon

  • Karmen Chavez-Sam

    Artist and Collaborator

    APANO, former Willamette University student


Salem, OR (Willamette University)