August 01, 2017

(Her)men·you·tics is a podcast at the nexus of rhetoric and theology. Professor Johanna Hartelius (University of Texas at Austin) co-hosts along with Rev. Jason Micheli (Annandale United Methodist Church) and Rev. Teer Hardy (Walker Chapel United Methodist Church). Taking on one concept per episode and letter of the alphabet, they explore and disagree on the language of faith and the prospect of “speaking Christian” without stained-glass language. That they are life-long friends brings some levity and plenty of profanity to the mix.

(Her)men·you·tics is a series produced by the Crackers & Grape Juice team, whose programs also include You Are Not Accepted as well as reading groups, Substack publication series, and hundreds of interviews with authors, scholars, and leaders. Our book publications are accessible to general readers.

The Crackers and Grapejuice team is collaborating with the Iowa Preachers Project led by Professor Ken Sundet Jones at Grand View University, funded by a Compelling Teaching Grant from the Lilly Endowment. This collaboration aligns rhetorical sensibility, theology, and homiletics in a year-long fellowship workshop.

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    Johanna Hartelius

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    University of Texas Austin

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    Jason Micheli

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    Annandale United Methodist Church



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