Every Campus a Refuge (ECAR) at Wake Forest University

January 01, 2017

Every Campus a Refuge (ECAR) at Wake Forest is part of the national ECAR network. ECAR welcomes refugees by providing free temporary housing. ECAR at Wake Forest partners with World Relief, the local resettlement agency, and other local organizations to select participants, organize community events, and support \ families during their time at Wake and after they move into their permanent home. Through a deep, meaningful engagement with ECAR participants, students learn about communicating and listening across differences. The ECAR program provides opportunities for engaged pedagogy: students learn about the political, social, economic, cultural issues related to resettlement in North Carolina, including public policies and services related to health care, food security, education, housing, employment, and transportation. The ECAR at Wake team is currently developing an interdisciplinary minor in Refugee, Migration, and Diaspora Studies (RMDS).

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  • Rowie Kirby-Straker

    Assistant Professor, Communication

    Wake Forest University

  • Barry Tracthenberg

    Professor, History

    Wake Forest University

  • Phoebe Zerwick

    Professor of Practice, Journalism

    Wake Forest University

  • Tivia Collins

    Assistant Professor, Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies

    Wake Forest University

  • Christina Soriano

    Professor, Dance

    Wake Forest University

  • Project Lead

    Michaelle Browers

    Professor, Politics and International Relations

    Wake Forest University

  • Alessandra Von Burg

    Associate Professor, Communication

    Wake Forest University


Winston-Salem, NC

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Every Campus a Refuge (ECAR) Seed Grant ($10,000) for a pilot independent study on advocacy filmmaking, leading to a student-made documentary on the ECAR at Wake Chapter, "Welcome(d) to the US." Provost’s Innovation Fund, Character and Leadership Grant, Interdisciplinary Arts Center Fund, and support from American Ethnic Studies, the Office of Community and Civic Engagement, Anthropology, Education, History, and Jewish Studies for the Every Campus a Refuge (ECAR) 2nd Gathering at Wake Forest University, Wake Downtown, October 2023, with Christina Soriano, Barry Trachtenberg, Phoebe Zerwick, and Ammar Basha.


World Relief Triad, SAFAR (Student Association for the Advancement of Refugees), ECAR