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Outstanding Student Chapter Award

The Outstanding Graduate Student Chapter Award, given annually, recognizes the previous year’s most creative, engaged student chapter. A prize of $500 accompanies the award. 

Deadline for nominations: April 4, 2025

This award is meant to recognize outstanding work by student chapters, increase the visibility of graduate students within RSA, increase the visibility and attractiveness of student chapters to RSA graduate student members, highlight “best practices” for student chapters to adopt and emulate, and encourage creativity and community in student chapter activities, as determined by:

  • activities that bridge disciplines and connect graduate students across departments
  • activities that may be duplicated at other institutions.
  • creative activities that expand the influence of student chapters.


Competitive proposals will demonstrate that the graduate student chapter have met at least the following criteria:

  • Has hosted or participated in interdisciplinary events that connect graduate students across departments
  • Has designed and hosted events and activities that may be successfully duplicated at other institutions
  • Has acted to expand the visibility and influence of RSA student chapters within the organization
  • Has hosted or participated in events and activities that increase the visibility of RSA and reflect the interests of the organization

Ratified by the RSA Board of Directors. May 25, 2012.  Amended September 23, 2016.


Student chapters that wish to be considered for the Outstanding Graduate Student Chapter Award must submit the following materials (for up to 2 years):

  • A table of membership including faculty advisor(s) and graduate student members with their year and department affiliation(s)
  • An annotated list of student chapter events. This list may include business meetings, guest speaker events, social events, panel planning meetings, participation in the RSA webinar or previous Student Chapter Award events, and so on. Annotations may include descriptions of events, attendance, budget information, and so on.
  • Any materials that substantiate events as flyers, brochures, websites, recordings, and so on.
  • A 500-word maximum rationale highlighting the student chapter’s achievements.

Notification of the awards decision will be sent to the Nominator’s email address.


Please contact the society’s Awards Committee with any outstanding questions about the nomination, submission, or selection processes.

Award Recipients

The Ivie League – Indiana University Bloomington

2024 Award

CMU Three Rivers RSA of Carnegie Mellon University

2023 Award

University of Wisconsin – RSA Madison

2022 Award

Clemson University – Society for the Third Sophistic

2021 Award

2021 Outstanding Student Chapter Video

Louisiana State University – RSA@LSU

2020 Award

Indiana University – The Ivie League

2018 Award

University of Nevada – Reno

2016 Award

university of wisconsin – rsa Madison

2014 Award