Corbett New Initiatives Fund


The purpose of this endowment shall be to provide monies to support a new initiative or new initiatives that an RSA President might envision. The endowment provides the RSA President with the flexibility to take up any kind of special RSA initiative that might occur to him or her within the limits of RSA goals and aims and within the limits of the money that this fund provides. The RSA President takes on the responsibilities of the office without compensation, and so this fund is meant to make some discretionary monies available to the President without the need for Board approval—as long as the use is in keeping with RSA aims and goals and not for personal use. The endowment thus honors Edward P. J. Corbett’s contributions and longtime RSA leadership, and serves to make the RSA presidency attractive to potential candidates for the office. (This fund does not preclude the Board from giving further discretionary funding to the President via the regular RSA budget process.)

Edward P.J. Corbett

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