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Call for RSA 2024 Conference Reviewers

May 12, 2023

Dear Colleagues,

The Co-Chairs and Conference Planning Committee invite members to serve as proposal abstract reviewers for RSA24. While we understand the voluntary nature of such service, it is impossible to shape the conference without the input, expertise, and passionate commitments of our members.

The more volunteers we have to distribute proposal abstracts among, the less work for each reviewer. During times of exhaustion and spirit-crushing world events articulated by the conference co-chairs in their theme, we ask you to make space to distribute this important labor. Collectively, we can shape the look and feel of the Denver conference. Collectively, we can ease the burdens of those who want to serve the organization but cannot.

Here’s what that work will entail:

Shortly after proposal abstracts are due on August 15, 2023, you will be given a slate of 10-15 proposal abstracts (more or less depending on our pool of volunteers). We will invite you to use the following criteria and rank proposals on a Likert-scale in order to produce a raw numerical score that the Co-Chairs will use to determine the final program.

  1. Does the proposed project engage with the conference theme explicitly or implicitly?
  2. Does the proposed project respond to or create a relevant exigence related to rhetorical study explicitly or implicitly?
  3. Does the proposed project engage sufficiently with a scholarly conversation related to the issues defined in the proposal?
  4. Does the proposed project demonstrate a concrete and specific plan for what speaker(s) will be doing and engages the audience in ways that that aligns with the criteria for the selected session type?
  5. Is the proposal written in an accessible style regardless of the English(es) used?
  6. Generally, this proposal should appear on the Conference program?

Proposers will hear either “accepted,” or “not accepted” based on the scores, space available, and other factors within the power of co-chairs.

If you would like to serve our organization as a proposal abstract reviewer and help shape the look and feel of the Denver conference, please complete the following form and we will include you in the database of reviewers.

With gratitude,

2024 RSA Conference Co-Chairs and Conference Planning Committee

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