Rhetoric Society Quarterly (RSQ)

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Rhetoric Society Quarterly is published by Taylor & Francis for the Rhetoric Society of America, starting with volume 36 (2006).

Institutional Subscriptions
All institutional subscriptions and remittances should be addressed through Taylor & Francis or a subscription agency.

Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis Ltd.
325 Chestnut Street 8th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19106 USA
1-800-354-1420 office
1-215-625-8914 fax
Email: Customer.Service@taylorandfrancis.com

Online: CLICK HERE  for the Taylor & Francis RSQ page with information about subscribing online.  

New and renewed orders are charged at the same rate. The subscription year runs January through December.

USA Institutions:
200 US$ per volume for both Print and Online access
190 US$ per volume for only Online access

Non-USA Institutions:
175 GBP or 160 EUR per volume for both Print and Online access
101 GBP or 152 EUR per volume for only Online access

Individual Subscriptions
Individual (non-RSA member) Subscription:
54 US$ per volume for Print only
33 GBP or 43 EUR per volume for Print only

To subscribe to RSQ as a member of RSA, please see the Membership Information section of this website.

Back Issues
For back issues through 2005 (volume 35), please CLICK HERE to place an order.

For back issues starting with 2006 (volume 36), please CLICK HERE  to contact Taylor & Francis.