RSA Bi-Annual Conference

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs will be updated as additional questions roll in, so check back regularly.  If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact Leslie Dinauer at

Last updated: May 16, 2022

Q: When and where is the conference?

A: RSA22 will take place May 26 - 29, 2022 at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront in Baltimore, Maryland. Preconference sessions will begin the morning of Thursday May 26, followed by an opening reception for everyone on Thursday evening.

Q: What do I need to do before the conference?

A: Please visit the Registration, Hotel Info, and Conference Safety Protocol pages of the conference website for additional information about how to register and where to stay.  Hotel reservations are open now, so be sure to make your reservations early.

Q: I am an Enhanced Lifetime Member.  Do I still need to register for the conference?

A: Yes. Although your conference registration fee will be paid via your Enhanced Lifetime Membership, you still must register for the conference online at the link located on the Registration page.

Q: I am presenting a paper/participating on a panel but I don't do rhetoric full time. Do I need to become an RSA member?

A: No, but all presenters must register. There is a non-member registration option. Note that in most cases, it is less expensive to join RSA and register at the member rate than to register at the non-member rate.

Q: One of our panelists can no longer come to the in-person conference. Can one of the members of our panel session "Zoom in"?

A: We think so! We have worked with our A/V provider to 1.) buy all of the bandwidth they can possibly give us, and 2.) ensure that we can get in-house audio to work in all of the rooms so you can hear someone you might project on the screen. The panel folks in Baltimore should be sure to bring a laptop and an HDMI connector (not the old school 15-pin video connection). You'll need to mute the input microphone on the laptop when the presenter is speaking to avoid feedback.

We may need to partition the bandwidth to dedicate a certain amount just to folks who are trying to Zoom others in. This would require a password to access additional bandwidth. Stay tuned for more information on that.

We are doing all of this for the first time, making mistakes and learning as we go. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and good humor.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Refunds of 67% of the paid registration fee are available until April 15, 2022.  No refunds will be given after this date.

Q: Will panels have respondents?

In order to maximize interaction between presenters and audience members, the planning committee has decided not to have panel respondents at the 2022 conference.

Q: Do I need to write or submit a complete version of my presentation in advance of the conference?

It is not necessary to submit a copy of one’s paper prior to presenting it at the conference. In past years, some attendees have brought hard copies to distribute to panel attendees for accessibility purposes. Because many people will be attending the conference on a virtual platform in addition to the in-person event this year, we will provide a platform where both virtual and in-person presenters can upload presentation materials (e.g., scripts, handouts, slides, etc.) during the conference so that those attending virtually can access the materials asynchronously. However, uploading materials or submitting a paper will not be required.

Q: How long will I have to present?

To ensure that there is time for engagement among the presenters and audience members, presenters should plan on dividing the allotted time equally between panelists while leaving at least 15 minutes for Q&A at the end of the session. Sessions are 75 minutes long. So, on a panel of 4 papers, for example, this would give each presenter about 15 minutes. There are a very few 5-paper panels which provide about 12 minutes per presenter. A 3-paper panel (often created because presenters have withdrawn after the sessions were created) allows 20 minutes per presenter. The panel chair or a panel member will keep track of time to make sure individual presenters do not take more than their allotted time. 

Q: What is the process for viewing and participating in virtual sessions?

Virtual panels will be conducted via Zoom on a platform provided by OpenWater. Links to those Zoom meetings will be available on OpenWater. You will need to login using the email address with which you registered for the conference. By default, panels will be recorded, and the recordings will be available for all registered attendees to view for one year. 

Q: Can in-person attendees access virtual panels?

Yes. Registration for the in-person conference includes access to both the Zoom meetings where virtual panels will take place as well as the recordings of those Zoom meetings that will be available after the fact.

Q: Will there be projectors in the breakout rooms?

Yes. Please bring your own laptop and HDMI connector if you wish to use the projector.