RSA Bi-Annual Conference


The Rhetoric Society of America is committed to ensuring that all RSA events create and maintain a welcoming atmosphere for all its members so that all may benefit fully from its events.

At the Conference

Here is the in-person conference accessibility guide.

Accessible Presentations – Uploading Your Materials

We will be providing a brief Google form linked to a digital repository where we encourage you to upload your presentation materials by May 25 to ensure that your presentations are accessible to all. Please stay tuned for that email!

Quiet Rooms and Discussion/Meeting Rooms

Grand Ballrooms IX and X, on the third floor, have been designated quiet rooms and will provide a comfortable environment for taking a break from the conference noise and activity; we ask that you not hold discussions or use cell phones in these areas.  Instead, if you have a small group that would like to find a place to “get away” to talk, we invite you to use Grand Ballroom VII or VIII, which will be designated and set up for that purpose.

Lactation Room

There will be a lactation room behind the registration area; please see the registration desk for access.

All-Gender Restrooms

All-gender restrooms will be available on the fourth floor across from the Essex meeting rooms.

For Presentations - Both In-Person and Virtual

We ask all presenters to make their presentations accessible to the widest audience possible. To assist in that effort, our wonderful colleagues from the Conference on College Composition and Communication have graciously given their permission for us to share their excellent mini-guide to producing accessible presentations

Many thanks to Sean Kamperman, Morgan Blair, Andrea Olinger, and Jeanne Popowits who assembled the guide and the many others at CCCC who worked on it, and all of them for being kind enough to share it.

CART Services

Below is a list of sessions for which CART services have been requested by registrants and will be available. If you would like to request CART services (or ASL interpretation) for additional sessions, please contact Leslie Dinauer ( as soon as possible but no later than April 15.

ALL presentations with CART services, including plenary sessions, will be held in Grand Ballroom V.


A-29 Digital Pedagogy

B-29 Accessibility Advocacy Now! A Protest for Change

E-29 How we Talk About Learning to Write

F-29 Teaching for Change in the Classroom, Society, and the Workplace 

Special Address by Roxane Gay


G-Sup RT Super Roundtable: The Future of the Academic Conference 

H-29 The Charge for Rhetorical Education at Community College: A Roundtable Discussion

I-29 Defining Disability

K-29 Equity, Inclusivity, and the Future of Rhetorical Publications: A Roundtable Discussion

SS-04 Super Session: Futures of Transnational Feminist Rhetorical Research and Practices

President's Keynote Address and Awards Ceremony


M-29 Diversifying Syllabi, Classrooms, Canons and Communities

N-29 Visual and Multimodal Texts in the Rhetoric Classroom