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RSA 2015 Summer Institute - Application Deadline is OCTOBER 1!!!

Mark your calendars: October 1st.

That's when you'll need to apply for a spot in a workshop, or seminar, or both, at the RSA Summer Institute, held in Madison, Wisconsin, June 1-7 2015.

This promises to be the most extensive and rich summer institute yet. It features a roster that presents a wonderful combination of outstanding senior scholars in rhetorical studies and younger, mid-career scholars, all of whom are doing cutting-edge work in the field. Interested in the vexed category of race and what its complexities offer to the study of rhetoric and discourse? Apply for Ken Ono's seminar. Want to know more about how the American rhetorical perspective shifts when looked at from the (Latin@) south? Apply for Rene de los Santos' and Christa Olson's workshop. Intrigued by the question of whether the "trans" in "transdiscursive" is the "trans" in "transgender"? Sign up for Isaac West's and K.J. Rawson's workshop. Whether you're interested in a new area (for you) of rhetorical scholarship, or want to deepen your understanding of a long-standing area of interest; whether you are new to the field or an old pro; whether this is your first Summer Institute or you've been to all of the first five; we invite you to Madison to participate in what promises to be a lively week of learning, conversation, and networking.

It's a great value; it's a great opportunity; it's a lot of fun. Apply for the 2015 RSA Summer Institute now, before the 1 October deadline. You'll be glad you did.

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