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REMINDER :RSA's Third Annual Graduate Student Webinar Friday, April 11

An Invitation to RSA's Third Annual Graduate Student Webinar:  “Spectacular Rhetorics” with Dr. Wendy Hesford

Friday, April 11, 2014 @ 3:30pm EST (2:30pm CST)

In cooperation with the RSA Graduate Student Chapter at the University of Pittsburgh, RSA is pleased to announce its third annual Graduate Student Webinar, featuring a lecture by Dr. Wendy Hesford of The Ohio State University.

In her public lecture, Dr. Hesford considers how the discourse of human rights maps vulnerability onto certain children's bodies—but not others—and how these bodies take on the burden of representation in domestic and international politics and law. Specifically, Hesford analyzes cultural mediations of the story of Malala Yousafzai, the 15 year old shot by the Taliban for her advocacy for girls' rights in Pakistan, and the exceptional rhetorics that cast her as a global symbol for democratic maturation and the rationality of rights. Hesford suggests that Malala's story compels us to reassess the normative and to acknowledge the intelligibility of children as agents navigating the political machinery of rights and discursive protocols of global engagement.

Dr. Hesford's lecture is available to all members of RSA via live stream. To access the Live Broadcast, please CLICK HERE.

Details and RSVP information may be found on the Facebook Event page. To RSVP, please CLICK HERE.

Finally, RSA with the University of Pittsburgh will host a Twitter discussion simultaneous with Dr. Hesford's lecture. To participate in this discussion, and to direct questions to Dr. Hesford in real time, please use the hashtag #SpectacularRhetorics.

Please direct questions to Katherine Lind and Sarah Frank at

Please CLICK HERE to view additional information.

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