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RSA 2013 Institute - Application Deadline - October 1

Hi Everyone:

I write to remind you that you only have 6 days left to apply for the 2013 RSA Summer Institute in Lawrence, KS. Here's everything you need to know:

Here is the program.  By clicking on the title of the session you can learn more details about the session: readings, format, expectations, etc. If you have even more questions about a particular session, email the leaders and ask them!
Choose which session(s) look best to you and apply for them! If you put down a second choice, it will really help us get everyone to the Institute who wants to come.

Here is the flyer. It tells you everything you need to know about dates and prices. You don't need to pay any money until you are accepted into a session.

Apply HERE!

Thanks! Email me with questions.

Dave Tell

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