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Philadelphia Restaurant List. (Re) Framing Dinner

Philadelphia Restaurant List. (Re) Framing Dinner 

About this list

We love our city and its food, and we are thrilled to have you here. So we made a little list of places to eat in Philadelphia, from A (Alma de Cuba) to Z (Zahav). We hope you enjoy it in this digital form, and well provide a slimmed-down version in your registration packets. The list emphasizes places that are cheap, friendly, and tasty, and places that can give you the best meal youve had all year. Sometimes, theyre the same place. We looked for restaurants and bars that really spoke of Philadelphia. Suggestions by price and neighborhood are at the end of the list, as well as links to websites that may answer specific questions. If you have general questions, or want to venture beyond center city, find us or e-mail us; you can also check online at Philadelphia Yelp. Foobooz, Philadelphia Grub Street, or the City Papers Meal Ticket. Thanks to Michelle Filling, of Cabrini College, whose WPA list got us started. Accessibility information is mostly from Yelp.

Philadelphia Local Arrangements Committee: Gabe Cutrufello, Ann Green, Katie Grindlespar, John Landreau, Shannon Walters, Sue Wells 

Philadelphia BYOs

Lots of new Philly restaurants operate as BYOs - good news for people interested in food, because it is much, much cheaper to have a good meal if you bring your own alcohol. You can buy a bottle of wine for dinner at a state Wine and Spirits shop. The selection will not be bad, but dont count on staff advice. Ask the waitperson for directions to the nearest store, or buy beforehand at 1218 Chestnuta big store, open Sunday--or 5 North 12thStreet. Both are near Loews. BYOs sometimes charge a small corkage fee and many are cash only.

Beer is available in delis, bars (which sell six-packs) and microbreweries, but you cant buy beer in convenience stores, super markets, or state stores. 

Many Philadelphia restaurants are run by groups. Here are the major ones.

Jose Garces - Latin, Mediterranean flavors, house-cured meats. Iron Chef winner. Amada, Chifa, Garces Trading Company, JG Domestic
Steven Starr - exciting, theatrical, relatively expensive. Alma de Cuba, Buddakan, Continetal, Dandelion, El Vez
Marcie Tuney and Valerie Safran - block of restaurants on 13thstreet, many flavors, mostly BYO, mid-price. Lolita, Barbuzzo (takes reservations), Jamonera
Marc Vetrirustic Italian at a range of prices. Authentic and soulful. Amis, Osteria, Vetri, and the new Alla Spina

Philadelphia Restaurant Listing ... Starred entries are special favorites.

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