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RSA Announces 2012 Gerard A. Hauser Award Winners

Greetings everyone,

The Gerard A. Hauser Award is awarded to outstanding student papers submitted for the RSA conference. Traditionally, these awards are presented at each conference's Sunday luncheon.

For the 2012 RSA conference in Philadelphia, please join me in congratulating the following Hauser Award winners:

(1) Michaela Frischherz (The University of Iowa), Not Gay Enough: Performing Identifications in U.S. Asylum Law

(2) Brook Irving (University of Iowa), Visualizing Blight: ‘The Ruins of Detroit’ and the Instability of the Apocalypse

(3) Michael Rancourt (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), The Ego Function of Oppositional Rhetoric Online

Best wishes,

Kris Ratcliffe
Professor and Chair
President, Rhetoric Society of America
Department of English
Marquette University
Milwaukee, WI 53201

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