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RSQ Volume 53,
Number 2

Spring 2023, 53.2

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Spring 2023 53.2 pages: 87-103
Framing Palestinian Rights: A Rhetorical Frame Analysis of Vernacular Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Movement Discourse

ENOCH, Jessica
Spring 2023 53.2 pages: 104-120
Suffrage Statuary and Commemorative Accountability: An Intersectional Analysis of the 2020 Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument in Central Park, New York

DIONNE, T. Jake, HATFIELD, Joe Edward, & WILLINGHAM, Gabrielle
Spring 2023 53.2 pages: 121-137
#BlackatUARK: Digital Counterpublic Memories of Anti-Black Racism on Campus

SZYMANSKI, Erika Amethyst
Spring 2023 53.2 pages: 138-152
Conversations with Other-than-Human Creatures: Unpacking the Ambiguity of “with” for Multispecies Rhetorics

PIÑA, Manuel
Spring 2023 53.2 pages: 153-171
(Re)Turning to Hypertext: Mattering Digital Learning Spaces

PAUDEL, Jagadish
Spring 2023 53.2 pages: 172-185
The Rhetoric of the Bhagavad Gita: Unpacking Persuasive Strategies from a Non-Western Perspective

BOST, Matthew & HANAN, Joshua S.
Spring 2023 53.2 pages: 186-201
Capacitating the Deep Commons: Considering Capital and Commoning Practices from an Affective-Rhetorical Systems Perspective

Spring 2023 53.2 pages: 202-216
When God Hurts: The Rhetoric of Religious Trauma as Epistemic Pain

Spring 2023 53.2 pages: 217-230
Histories of Radical Interactionality: Rivers, Disease, Borders, and Laundry

Spring 2023 53.2 pages: 231-246
Thinking Like a Copper Mine: An Ecological Approach to Corporate Ethos and Prosōpon

EARLE, Chris
Spring 2023 53.2 pages: 247-261
Postracial Presumptions: The Supreme Court’s Undoing of the Voting Rights Act through Racial Ignorance

WINDERMAN, Emily & KNUTSON, Brittany
Spring 2023 53.2 pages: 262-277
Florynce Kennedy’s Cultivation of Reproductive Expertise in Abramowicz v. Lefkowitz and Abortion Rap

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