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Proposed Constitutional Changes

In addition to the candidates for open Board positions, this year the RSA Board asks you to consider a package of changes to the Society’s Constitution.  Changes are of three types: updates to reflect current practice (e.g., recognition that the Institute is an ongoing RSA activity); new practices we wish to undertake (e.g., modifications in the site selection procedure now that we are using a professional meeting planner), and reorganizations within the document (e.g., grouping all sections on standing committees in a single article).  The Board recommends that you vote FOR these changes.   

To see a list of the significant changes arranged by article and section in the Constitution, click here. If you wish to see a list arranged by the type of change, click here.  Finally, to see a marked-up copy of the Constitution with proposed additions and deletions noted, click here 

In addition, although not specifically marked in the text, changes have been made to restate our current provisions into language that qualifies RSA for §501(c)(3) tax-exempt status according to the Internal Revenue Service (e.g., references to RSA as a non-profit corporation).

For statements from the candidates for the RSA Board, CLICK HERE.
To access your ballot, CLICK HERE.

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