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First Call for Contributions to An Edited Collection

First Call for Contributions to An Edited Collection 

Working With Academic Literacies: Research, Theory, Design
Edited By Theresa Lillis, Kathy Harrington, Mary Lea and Sally Mitchell 

This will be in the series Studies in Writing, editor Gert Rijlaarsdam

The aim of this edited collection is to outline what an Academic Literacies approach (research and theory) offers to the teaching, learning and uses of academic writing through theoretical based discussion and examples of practice. A key goal of the book is to outline and illustrate how the ‘transformative ‘ approach adopted in Academic Literacies research can feed into practice. Practice here is understood as teaching, learning, curriculum development and staff development but also academic writing for publication and for other uses, such as the development of policy. Key questions the book will seek to address are: How can the transformative agenda in Academic Literacies theorising be instantiated in these kinds of practice(s)? What does working with Academic Literacies mean ‘in practice’? 

We are interested in including a wide range of text types - including chapters, reports and innovative genres- of different lengths, and in receiving contributions from researchers and practitioners from around the world, working with conventional texts and modes, and/or/alongside digital media. One possibility is that authors could develop their contribution to the book as an aspect of an ongoing practice-based project, with the contribution to the book reflecting this. The aim here would be to capture the dynamic nature of a practice/writing relationship in contrast with reporting upon work that has already been completed.The book will be in English but we are interested in including work which reports on work carried out in other languages. We are also interested  in considering how multilingualism may figure in examples of transformative practice, and therefore anticipate languages in addition to English being included as part of discussions/data etc. 

We are planning on holding a one day workshop for all contributors in the autumn of 2011 in order to finalise the overall shape of the collection. We anticipate a final submission date of June 2012. 


Send to:  Mark your email subject line Ac Lits.

You will receive a response from the editorial team by end of September 15th 2011.


Name of authors:
Main contact details: 

Overview of proposed contribution (400 words) - please include details of content, proposed length and the text type in which it would be written. 

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