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RSA Remote Sessions for Spring and Summer, 2022

Dear RSA Members,

The RSA Career Development Committee’s mission is to support a range of career trajectories in and with rhetoric. The committee is putting together three RSA remote sessions for spring and summer, 2022 and would like to invite members to indicate their interest in participating in the sessions as panelists.

RSA remote sessions are one-hour sessions, usually in a webinar format, during which panelists and attendees discuss a matter of concern for RSA members. Panelists generally begin with five-minute statements, and a moderator guides subsequent discussions.

The Career Development Committee’s sessions are focused specifically on career-oriented concerns and are often created with graduate students and early-career scholars in mind, though of course all members are welcome! Below, you will find titles and descriptions of three RSA Remote sessions we are planning. Please read the descriptions below and click that link if you have an interest in presenting, or share this e-bulletin with someone you think might. In order to plan these sessions in a timely manner, we would like to hear from interested folks by January 15, 2022.

If you have questions about any of these RSA remote sessions, please contact RSA’s Career Development Committee Chair, Debra Hawhee

Session One: Finding and planning early-career research leaves

Session Organizer: Karrieann Soto Vega, Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies, University of Kentucky

Probable timing: one Friday afternoon in late February or early March, 2022

Session description:

This session will help early-career faculty members (especially those in tenure-line jobs) to think strategically about research leaves. The panel will address ways to coordinate--and *gasp* find time--to address tenure requirements. Conversation will include identifying, applying for, or otherwise making use of resources inside and outside of home institutions. It will also include a reflection on the promises and pitfalls of a term with less teaching, or even no teaching. Lastly, panelists will also discuss how to make a solid plan for leave time, and encourage participants to build their own. 

Do you have things to say about research leaves? To share your interest in participating as a panelist in this session, please click here.

Session Two: Navigating service roles early in your career

Session organizer: Anita Mixon, Department of Communication, Wayne State University

Probable timing: one Friday afternoon in late April or early May, 2022

Session description:

This panel will help early-career faculty members think strategically about service roles. Possible areas of discussion may include: find departmental or campus colleagues who can offer perspective on a particular service request, thinking about the distinction between administrative positions and committee work, finding agency and choice in these matters, and approaching the matter of workload compensation in a particular institutional context. 

Do you have things to say about navigating service roles during the early part of one’s career? To share your interest in participating as a panelist in Session Two: Navigating service roles early in your career, please click here.
Session Three: Where in the World is Rhetoric?

Session organizer: Rob Topinka, Department of Film, Media, and Cultural Studies, Birkbeck, University of London

Probable timing: one Friday during Summer 2022 [Note that in order to accommodate time zones across the globe, panelists have the option of submitting brief recorded statements for a live discussion and then, we hope, a discussion that can continue asynchronously.]

This session will feature a global panel of rhetoricians who will offer insights into the disciplinary forms rhetoric takes in locations outside of the United States and chart the career landscape outside of US academia. We welcome perspectives from all locations, including and especially folks who work at institutions in the so-called “global South.” Panelists will be invited to reflect on how they approach their scholarship and how RSA members might situate themselves in a challenging global academic job market. The goal of this panel is to help RSA members expand their conceptual and geographical horizons.

Do you have experience working in an institution located outside of the contiguous United States? To share your interest in participating as a panelist in this session, please click here.

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