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Reminder: RSA Board of Director Nominations due January 20

Rhetoric Society of America: Call for Nominations for RSA Board of Directors

Self-nominations are encouraged!

RSA is seeking nominations to bring new leaders to serve on the Society’s Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee, composed of E. Cram, Clenisha Dangerfield, Theon Hill, Jordynn Jack, David Kaufer, and Kirt Wilson will be proposing candidates for five vacant seats on the Board of Directors. In March 2022, all members of RSA will be invited to vote. Between today and January 20, 2022, the Nominating Committee invites nominations or self-nominations for the open positions of RSA Board Member.

We ask that you suggest current members whom you think would make a strong contribution to the Society and who can help the Board fulfill its mission. RSA’s Board of Directors is the body responsible for making policy, overseeing the Society’s operations, approving its initiatives, and developing its strategic goals. The Board of Directors includes ten individuals at different stages of their careers and drawn from different academic disciplines, with two of those seats reserved for graduate students who may transition into early career faculty during their time on the Board. In this cycle the ballot will be comprised of five directors--one student and four faculty. If elected, the candidates will serve a four-year term—July 2022 through June 2026.

To qualify, nominees must be current members of RSA, have a history of participation in RSA events, be willing to help lead the Society with passion and commitment, and be willing to attend virtual and in-person meetings. In particular, members of the RSA Board of Directors attend formal business meetings twice each year: at the RSA Biennial Conference and RSA Summer Institute held in alternate years, and at a three-day Board Retreat that generally meets in October. Board members fund their own travel to these meetings; however, at the Retreat all other expenses are covered by RSA. The Board’s work continues between meetings in the form of committee assignments, online deliberations, and votes. Individual Directors often serve on the Society’s standing committees as specified in the Bylaws. A member of the Nomination Committee will discuss the labor investments of this role with each candidate prior to placing them on the ballot.

If you would like to propose someone, including yourself, please e-mail RSA’s Executive Director, Leslie Dinauer at with the name of the person you propose and a paragraph summarizing this person’s background and the strengths for candidacy. Self-nominations are not only allowed, but they are also encouraged.

Again, nominations are due to the Executive Director by January 20, 2022

Kirt H. Wilson

Immediate Past President
RSA Nominating Committee Chair

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