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RSA - Success of the Leff Challenge Campaign

Dear Colleagues, 

I’m happy to be able to report that the challenge campaign for the Michael Leff Fund for Graduate Student Support at the RSA Institute, which officially ended on Monday, was a huge success. 

As you’ll recall, our lead donors put up $7000 to challenge RSA members to contribute an additional $3500. You far exceeded our modest challenge by contributing more than double that amount. We received $8405 from 29 donors, including 13 first-time donors to RSA.

We are thus able to add a total of $15,405 to the Leff Endowment, bringing it to a total of $63,588. This will enable RSA to support more students than ever for the 2023 Summer Institute at Penn State University.

Thanks to all of our donors for enabling RSA to significantly enhance the Leff Endowment. Your gifts will help RSA continue its work on behalf of rhetorical studies, as well as help us commemorate the life and work of Mike Leff. 

Best regards,

Carolyn Miller, for the RSA Development Council

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