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RSA - 2011 Institute Application Reminder - December 1 Deadline

Final Reminder 

The application process closes at midnight on December 1st.  Please join us in Boulder!  All session participants and leaders must apply through the RSA web site so that we can build an accurate roster for the event and plan our venues and lodging.

Concerning a few specific sessions:

  1. The workshop, RSA Career Retreat for Associate Professors, led by Cheryl Geisler and Patricia Roberts-Miller, will be kept open because it is an on-going effort to support mid-career scholars in rhetoric.  Please apply through the RSA web site but also contact the session leaders who will provide more detail. 
  2. The seminar, Rhetoric in the Schools, is open to all RSA members, though it also is an on-going project for a specific audience and purpose--establishing a dialogue between secondary and post-secondary faculty interested in rhetorical pedagogy, criticism, and praxis.  As such, we are working now with Boulder and Denver area school districts to build this seminar's local constituency. 
  3. The seminar, Digital Humanities and the History of Rhetoric, is arranging with assistance from the UCB Center for Humanities and the Arts (and other UCB agencies) for session participants to work with international authorities on digital culture and humanistic research: Daniel Cohen & Roy Rosenzweig (Digital History, the 911 Digital Archive), Alyson Gill (Digital Delphi Project), Brett Bobbley (NEH Office of Digital Humanities) and Diane Favro (Department of Architecture, UCLA).  The purpose of this seminar, in addition to sponsoring a multi-site discussion, is to "map out and evaluate the cultural and political implications" of the technologies that enable the "digital humanities" as well as turn to rhetoric to consider "other historical periods during which communication technologies similarly revolutionized many aspects of cultural production."

RSA Institute Application

John Ackerman (local host) and Jeanne Fahnestock, Co-directors.

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