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RSA seeks a Transformative Justice Officer

As a reminder, the Rhetoric Society of America seeks a member volunteer to serve as its first Transformative Justice Officer (TJO) who can assist RSA in achieving its goals of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access for its membership. The TJO will be responsible for overseeing the organization’s activities related to creating a more inclusive and equitable society, in line with the values articulated in the Statement Condemning Anti-Black Violence made by the Board of Directors in the summer of 2020. The TJO position is a three year appointment, and the officer is an ex officio member of the RSA Board of Directors. Duties include: Working with RSA’s President, administrative officers, and the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Committee to develop a transformative justice vision for the Society; Enacting that vision through administrative labor; Guiding Society practices to help align them with relevant transformative justice theories and practices; Proactively communicating with the organization’s leadership, officers, and committees about issues related to social justice concerns. A full position description can be found here:

To learn more, to share your interest or to nominate a colleague for this position, please contact either Jay Dolmage ( or Theon Hill  (, preferably by Friday, February 26, 2021.

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