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Civil Discourse Lab

Civil Discourse Lab

The Civil Discourse Lab at the University of New Hampshire provides training and opportunities for students and community members to conduct meaningful conversations, collaborate, and make decisions about difficult but important topics in today’s society.

Believing that democracy requires conversations across lines of difference, the lab offers a curriculum in public dialogue, deliberation, propaganda, persuasion, conflict mediation, and collaboration. It teaches students to deliberate in a way that is inclusive rather than divisive and pragmatic rather than partisan.

Each semester, 25-50 students and alumni attend extracurricular lectures on topics that build their knowledge and empathy on difficult issues, equity, and power relationships. Participants are trained and volunteer their time designing deliberative dialogues and facilitating discussions on topics such as immigration, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, the American Dream, climate change, and the stigma of addiction.

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Funded by:
Teagle Foundation; Coville Fund/Broduer Partners;
Responsible Governance and Sustainable Citizenship

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Jennifer Borda, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Communication
University of New Hampshire
Renee Heath, Ph.D
Department of Communication
University of New Hampshire

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