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Rhetoric Society of America Digital Communications Officer Search Announcement

Search Announcement

RSA Digital Communications Officer 

RSA seeks applicants for a Digital Communications Officer (DCO) to oversee and coordinate RSA’s online presence in order to enhance the visibility, activities, and services of the organization and to advance rhetorical studies for RSA members and potential members. Experience with social media is required and skills in web-design and programing are welcome but not necessary for application.

Specific duties include:

  • provide timely management of RSA electronic resources, primarily RSA social media but also the RSA website, to include interfacing with the RSA administrative officers and staff on the following activities:  managing RSA social media, keeping the RSA website up to date and functional, and working with the RSQ Editor to maintain connections with the electronic journal content provided by the publisher of Rhetoric Society Quarterly, the Outreach Officer to develop and distribute a Society newsletter, and the editors of future online RSA publications;
  • guide improvement of current RSA electronic resources, including: periodically reviewing design and use of RSA’s social media and website; identifying better designs, services, or other resources; recommending design or service changes to the RSA Board;
  • guide development of new RSA electronic resources such as streaming content, interactive forums, and other means for community development and support;
  • assist editorial administration for intellectual content provision at online forums such as webinars, including soliciting contributors, accepting proposals, scheduling events, and supervising implementation;
  • work with the Director of Event Sponsorships and Advertising (DESA) to develop social media campaigns as well as implement advertising initiatives and sponsored content on the website, and
  • other duties related to RSA digital communication needs, as assigned.  

The DCO, as a member of RSA’s administrative staff, will work directly with the RSA Executive Director, administrative officers/directors (Membership, Outreach, Public Humanities, and DESA), and the RSA staff Administrator for Membership Services, in fulfilling these responsibilities. 

The DCO is an ex officio member of the RSA Board of Directors and is expected to attend and report at RSA Board meetings.  Proposals for significant changes in design or services will be presented to the RSA Board for approval. 

The DCO position is a four-year renewable appointment. It is considered to be similar in function to the Membership Officer and Outreach Officer and will be eligible for reimbursement for travel to Board meetings, as specified in the RSA Board Travel Policy. A modest budget to support the Membership Officer’s activities will be provided.  The appointment to a four-year term may begin August 1, 2020.

Candidates for this position must be members of RSA. Nominations/applications for the position should include: a statement accepting the nomination (or a statement of self-nomination); a 2-3 page statement about plans and projections for RSA’s digital communication needs; a current curriculum vita; names and addresses of at least two references qualified to assess the candidate's ability to carry out the position; if available, a letter from the responsible administrator confirming that institutional support (released time, administrative support, travel, etc.) will be provided.  Nominations and supporting materials should be sent to Gerard A. Hauser at by June 1, 2020.  The search committee (Gerard Hauser, RSA Executive Director, chair, Casey Boyle, RSA Electronic Communications Officer, Damien Pfister, RSA Board member, and Krista Kennedy, RSA Director of Event Sponsorships and Ads) will begin consideration of completed applications on a rolling basis, beginning on the posted deadline of June 1, until the position is filled.    

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