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RSA - Taylor & Francis Response to COVID-19

Dear RSA Member,

I hope this message finds you well and safe.  The disruption caused by the COVID-19 to our personal and professional lives is beyond imagination.  Its reach has now extended to our scholarly journal, disrupting the publishing operations of Taylor & Francis, publisher of Rhetoric Society Quarterly

Taylor & Francis has informed us that, with great reluctance, it will suspend further printing on April 10 until further notice.  The pandemic has disrupted the distribution supply chain for printed journals. As of the first week of April, 42 countries had stopped accepting inward deliveries. In addition, many airmail services in and out of T&Fs major hubs in the UK, US and Singapore are no longer operating due to reduced air freight capacity.  Finally, a significant number of institutions to which it mails journals are closed for business and no longer accepting post.  You will continue to be able to access RSQ content online.  RSQ will continue to be published online according to its normal publication schedule on the journal’s online platform, Taylor & Francis Online. RSA members have access to RSQ via the Members area of our website.

T&F informs us that it plans to resume printing in May and, at the point it does so, you will receive the print issues that would have been dispatched during the period in which printing ceased. 

For further information, T&F has provided this FAQs link.  

With best wishes for your health and wellbeing,


Gerard A. Hauser
Executive Director

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