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Rhetoric Society of America: Development Council Year-End Report to Members for 2019

RSA Development Council

Year-End Report to Members for 2019

Prepared by the RSA Development Council: Carolyn Miller (Chair), Fred Antczak, David Blakesley, John Brereton, Richard Leo Enos, Cinthia Gannett, Andrea Lunsford, Jack Selzer, and Gerard Hauser (ex officio)

The Development Council is delighted to report a highly successful year. Below you will find the highlights of our work in 2019.

We extend our sincere gratitude for the extraordinary generosity and commitment of all those who have made charitable contributions to RSA over and above their regular membership dues, not only in 2019 but in all years.* Best wishes to all for the 2019 holiday season and throughout the new year.

Winter 2018-2019 Campaign

The Development Council led a campaign to raise funds to support the Lauer Endowment, which promotes the education and professional development of graduate students in rhetoric. The campaign raised $2,040 from 11 donors.

Appeal to Lifetime and Retired Members

In Spring 2019, Development Council Members made a special appeal to lifetime and retired RSA members for support of RSA endowments.

Establishment of the Andrea A. Lunsford Fund for Diversity

In May, the RSA Board of Directors approved the establishment of this fund, which supports the participation of graduate students of color at RSA conferences and institutes. The initial fund balance was $30,000. The purpose of this endowment is to provide financial support for participation at RSA conferences and institutes by graduate students of color.

Lunsford Challenge Grant

Initiated concurrently with the establishment of the Lunsford Fund, this challenge grant, made possible by a generous matching donation by Andrea Lunsford of $5,000, raised an additional $9,571 from 35 donors, bringing the total to $44,571.

Support of Graduate Students at the 2019 RSA Institute and Project

The 2019 RSA Institute used $1500 from the Leff Fund plus matching money from the University of Maryland Graduate School to support 10 competitively selected student proposals for projects extending the work initiated at the Institute; the funding supported travel to archives and fieldwork sites, transcription of interview and observational data, and purchase of research material. The 2019 RSA Project used $1000 from the Lauer Fund plus matching funds from the University of Nevada–Reno to reduce costs for all student attendees.

Summary of Endowment Totals

RSA currently has four endowments totaling $146,000. These support a variety of activities, including new initiatives by the RSA President, professional development of graduate students, and the enhancement of diversity and inclusion in RSA. The Corbett Endowment now has a balance of $33,112, the Lauer Endowment has $32,932, the Leff Endowment has $31,482, and the new Lunsford Endowment has $44,571. Each pays out at approximately four percent per year.

* All contributors are listed on the Donors page of the RSA website (except those who prefer not to be listed).

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