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RSA - Results of Ballot Measure Voting

Dear RSA Members,

I write to report the results of our recent ballot measure on changes to our bylaws.  Each of the proposed changes passed by an overwhelming margin.  The added committees will improve the operations of RSA in ways that make us a more inclusive, responsive,  and effective organization.  Thanks to all who voted.

I also write to remind you that 2020 is an election year for RSA. Soon you will receive a call for nominations from our Nominations Committee chair, Greg Clark.  The composition of the Society’s board of directors is possibly the single most important factor in the Society’s success.  A diverse range of views expressing the multiple career stages and interests of our members is essential for board deliberations and decisions to be broadly representative of the membership and productively advance RSA as a thriving and vibrant scholarly society.  Please be on the lookout for Greg Clark’s call for nominees.

I wish you the very best in 2020 in your personal and professional lives and look forward to seeing you in Portland this coming May.

With best regards,


Gerard A. Hauser
Executive Officer

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