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RSQ Volume 49,
Number 4

Fall 2019

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BLOOMFIELD, Emma Frances
Fall 2019, 49.4, pages 320–341
The Rhetoric of Energy Darwinism: Neoliberal Piety and Market Autonomy in Economic Discourse

WELLS, Justine
Fall 2019, 49.4, pages 342–364
W. E. B. Du Bois and the Conservation of Races: A Piece of Ecological Ancestry

DUNN, Thomas R.
Fall 2019, 49.4, pages 365–386
Grinding against Genocide: Rhetorics of Shame, Sex, and Memory at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Fall 2019, 49.4, pages 387–408
Welcome to Decision Points Theater: Rhetoric, Museology, and Game Studies

Fall 2019, 49.4, pages 409–427
Praise Bee!: Allegory and Interpretation in the Aberdeen Bestiary

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