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RSA - Reminder Student Chapter Annual Matching Funds Request Deadline October 25

Annual Funding Request

This award is meant to support the yearly activities of RSA student chapters, including (but not limited to) the hosting of colloquia, professionalization talks, reading groups, and seminars. Any chapter in good standing (meaning that the chapter has a minimum of five student members and has adopted the RSA Student Chapter Guidelines) will have the yearly opportunity to apply for a $50 matching grant from RSA.

Chapters must submit an application and must provide evidence of a funding match. Applications will be due October 25 for projects in the academic year. Chapters receiving awards will be required to provide a progress report to the RSA early career and graduate student members of the Board of Directors by May 15 of the funding year. If you have questions about the application process, please contact Karrieann Soto Vega and Laura Proszak at

Please CLICK HERE to submit your chapter's request.

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