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Environmental Justice, Bridie McGreavy

Bridie McGreavy, 

This workshop will take an intersectional approach to environmental justice to explore and analyze inequities and disparate impacts related to transportation and affordable housing in Reno, NV. A recent study led by Dr. Scott Kelley and his students demonstrated that the focal area of the Gateway Precinct in the UNR Campus Master Plan (CMP) is an area that exhibits relatively high environmental justice vulnerability, largely due to this area’s proximity to the highway and resultant exposure to transportation-related emissions, issues related to mobility, and its relatively high percentage of residents living in low-income households . This workshop will build from this study to work with planning and transportation-focused organizations and conduct a survey, interviews, and participatory digital media documentation to identify and share perspectives about transportation and housing and the impact of proposed development activities in this area. We will engage rhetoric, environmental communication, and interdisciplinary perspectives on social-environmental justice to construct a framework for making sense of and intervening in the CMP process. This workshop intends to support ongoing efforts in Reno to advance just and sustainable approaches to urban development.

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