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RSA Pre-Conference Workshop in Leadership in the Academy and the Profession

Call for Applications

For RSA16, the seminar leaders will be Professor Victoria Gallagher of North Carolina State University and Professor David Kaufer of Carnegie Mellon University. Victoria Gallagher served as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at NC State, currently serves as an officer of SSCA (Southern States Communication Association) and previously co-led an RSA Summer Institute workshop. David Kaufer was Head of English at Carnegie Mellon, currently serves on the RSA Board, and is an RSA Fellow.

The seminar will take place during the RSA16 conference on Thursday May 26, 2016 starting at 9am and ending at 5pm. Applications should be submitted HERE by December 1, 2015. Space in the workshop is limited.

Professors Gallagher and Kaufer describe the focus of the workshop:

This workshop is designed for RSA members interested in taking the “next step” in a leadership trajectory. The “next step” can range from running an important committee, chairing a department, becoming an associate Dean, or simply running for office within RSA! Applicants will learn how to look within to assess their strengths as leaders and to look without to identify their leadership orientations in relation to various types or styles of organizations. They will explore the role of rhetoric and communication in leadership and decision-making. They will work through cases of typical challenges and opportunities leaders and administrators face and practical ways of managing them.

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