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RSA/ISHR Seminar in classical rhetoric - “Quintilian and Declamation”

Call for Applications

RSA is pleased to continue its partnership with the International Society for the History of Rhetoric in sponsoring a special seminar at the RSA Conference.

For RSA15, the seminar leader will be Bé Breij, Professor of Latin at Radboud University (The Netherlands). Her research focuses on Roman declamation and oratio figurata (veiled speech and insinuation). It earned her the Keetje Hodshon Prize for literary studies and a term in the Royal Dutch Young Academy for Arts and Sciences. She currently serves as Head of Classics at Radboud University and chair of the ISHR prize committee.

The seminar is entitled: “Quintilian and Declamation”

The seminar will take place during the RSA15 conference with sessions scheduled for Thursday (5/26) from 11:00-12.30 and 14:00-15:30; and Friday (5/27) from 9:15-11:00. Applications should be submitted HERE by December 1, 2015. Space in the seminar is limited.

Professor Breij describes the focus of the seminar:

The first session briefly introduces Quintilian's work and views before zooming in on the genre of declamation. In the second session, we discuss a couple of colorful samples: the speeches for the prosecution and the defense in the case of "The Young Man Suspected of Incest with his Mother" - we will be looking at logos, ethos, and pathos; style, strategy, and ethics. The participants' own declamations, based on genuine ancient declamatory cases, will be analyzed for the same properties in the final session.

Please CLICK HERE to submit your application.

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