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RSA - Board Updates and 2015 Nominee Information

RSA has seen remarkable success and growth since it was founded in 1968. The basis of this success has been the outstanding commitment of our members, especially those members who have been willing to step up and run for a position on our Board of Directors. The time has come for another group of individuals to step up and seek your vote to join the RSA Board.  Below you will find their names and brief bios as well as instructions on how to vote.

I want to thank all these outstanding individuals for their willingness to stand for election and their commitment to RSA. The newly elected members will join a truly remarkable Board and continue moving our Society into the future.

In addition to the Board members you will vote on, there are some other exceptional individuals who will join the RSA leadership team.  As you all know, Professor Greg Clark (Brigham Young University), who currently serves as President-Elect, will assume the presidency in 2016.  I am pleased to announce that our new President-Elect, who will organize our 2018 RSA conference, will be Professor Kirt Wilson from Penn State University. Professor Wilson has been an exceptional member of our Board and served as chair of our Publications Committee. I am confident he will be a great President and look forward to seeing the directions he will lead us.

One other change should be noted. Due to personal issues, our good friend Professor Pat Gehrke has stepped down from his position on the Board. As per our Constitution, the Board has selected someone to complete the term. I am pleased to announce that Professor Dave Tell from the University of Kansas will serve in this position. I also want to extend the deep gratitude of the RSA Board to Professor Gehrke for his service.

Please CLICK HERE to review the nominees for election to the Board. I urge you to read the candidate biographies carefully and, most importantly, to exercise your right as a member of RSA and vote!

Please log on to the For Members area of the RSA website to cast your submit your ballot.


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