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Essential Audio Visual Information for Seattle Presenters

RSA Conference Participants:

I'm writing with information about audio visual equipment. We have now completed audio-visual arrangements, taking into account the many and varied requests we received and the constraints offered by our facilities and budget. I am pleased to report that we have been able to grant over 80% of the AV requests we received from our presenters. The rest of this note explains how you can now (please) determine whether you will have the equipment that you requested and make any adjustments that are necessary.

To find out if you are in an AV room and what equipment will be provided, first consult the conference program (available on the RSA Web site) to determine which room you are scheduled for; and and then see the list below.

Please note: No meeting rooms are equipped with internet access! Plan accordingly.

The following rooms have audio visual capability as described. Note that all provided laptops-with-data-projectors are PCs (not Macs!)--please format your materials in PC-compatible software and bring them on a flash drive or CD. I repeat: we can support Powerpoint presentations, but not Apple's presentation software. If you typically use Apple, then you must import it into Powerpoint or save it as pdf files. (We are told that even if you bring your Mac laptop with you, you will not be able to use it for AV projection. If you bring your presentation on your PS laptop, flash drives will be available so that we can very likely transfer presentations onto the laptops that will be attached to the computer projectors.)

St. Helen's: data projector, laptop, screen, overhead projector
Whidbey: data projector, laptop, screen
Baker: VHS/DVD and TV
Orcas: overhead projector, screen
Olympic: data projector, laptop, screen, VHS/DVD and TV
Adams: data projector, laptop, overhead projector, screen

If your room is not on this list, you will not have AV for your presentation, I regret to say. You should adjust your presentation accordingly. I realize that this will be a disappointment to some, and regret that I will be unable to make exceptions.

Thank you for your understanding and your conscientious preparations. I'll send you one last set of reminders in a week. We are set for an excellent meeting!

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