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Election Results

I am happy to let you know that our fall 2007 elections have placed excellent people on the Board of the Rhetoric Society of America. Joining our President-Elect Michael Leff, and filling out the last two years of his Board term, will be Barbara Warnick. Elected to four-year terms are Krista Ratcliffe, Robert Hariman, Cinthia Gannett, and Kendall Phillips. Filling the graduate student two-year slot is Caroline Gottschalk-Druschke.
On behalf of the Society, I extend my hearty thanks to all who stood for election for their willingness to serve. Thanks as well to Nominating Committee members Leah Ceccarelli and Fred Antczak for their fine work assembling the slate.

Patricia Bizzell
Immediate Past President
Chair, Nominating Committee

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