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10 Reasons to Attend RSA 2008 in Seattle, May 23-26

10 Reasons to Attend RSA 2008 in Seattle, May 23-26
(And to get a proposal in by September 15th)

10. It's the mothership for Starbucks, after all. (Caffeine-laced attendees will never fall asleep during your presentation.)

9. Affordable rates for graduate students and the chance to workshop a work in progress with one of these renowned scholars: James Aune, Don Bialostosky, Patricia Bizzell, Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, Gregory Clark, Sharon Crowley, David Holmes, Michael Leff, Andrea Lunsford, Alisse Portnoy, and Edward Schiappa. CLICK HERE.

8. Rhetoric in the Rain. (Actually, the weather in Seattle in May is generally beautiful.)

7. Steve Katz is composing an "Ode to RSA" just for the occasion. Seriously.

6. The location: Seattle, hard by Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, one of the world's best shopping areas, and the new Seattle Public Library

5. Ichiro! (Yes, you can count on it: there will indeed be an RSA outing to a Mariner's game if they are in town.)

4. The hotel: the stunning Westin Hotel, besides its location, has offered us a reduced conference rate. (Not to mention the flat-screen TVs and wireless internet in each room.)

3. For once, there may be salmon instead of rubber chicken at the conference banquet.

2. Check out this list of featured speakers and session coordinators: David Zarefsky, Marc van der Poel, Charles Johnson, Dexter Gordon, Jeanne Fahnestock, Martin Medhurst, Michael Hogan, Susan Wells, Steven Mailloux, Michael Leff, Barbara Warnick, John Lucaites, and Robert Hariman, to name a few.

1. What happens in Seattle, stays in the conference proceedings.

To submit your proposal for an individual (<350 words), panel (<1250 words), or special event (<350 words) presentation, go to our website: and click on "Conferences" and then "Submit a Proposal." Remember, the deadline is September 15th. I look forward to a memorable time with all of you in Seattle!


Jack Selzer
RSA President Elect

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