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Research Network: Sharing Work In Progress

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Research Network: Sharing Work In Progress

This year at RSA participants have the option to participate in a "Research Network: Sharing Work in Progress" instead of or in addition to submitting an individual, panel, or special format proposal. Participants in the Network will be listed on the program (and therefore eligible for funding from many home departments) and committed to distributing some sort of work in progress to colleagues before the conference.

The Research Network: Sharing Work in Progress will consist of eleven groups of no more than six participants each. Each group will be led by one of the following scholars:

James Aune (Texas A & M University)
Don Bialostosky (University of Pittsburgh)
Patricia Bizzell (College of the Holy Cross)
Karlyn Kohrs Campbell (University of Minnesota)
Gregory Clark (Brigham Young University)
Sharon Crowley (Arizona State University)
David Holmes (Pepperdine University)
Michael Leff (University of Memphis)
Andrea Lunsford (Stanford University)
Alisse Portnoy (University of Michigan)
Edward Schiappa (University of Minnesota)

By the end of the 75 minute session (most likely scheduled immediately prior to lunch), participants should have some good feedback on their projects—and some fine new professional friends.

Your work in progress could be anything from a general concept to a full draft of an article or dissertation chapter. Consider submitting ideas for or drafts of a conference paper, a research proposal, a grant proposal, an article, a book chapter, or a dissertation proposal, excerpt, or chapter. Participants will distribute drafts to the other members of their group by April 15th; you will receive directions later on how to do so.

This Research Network is limited to the first sixty-six people who apply. If you are interested, please email Michelle Smith at anytime after August 20th, with a proposed title, a brief description (one to three sentences) of your work in progress, and your top three choices as to which scholar you'd like to work with (we cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled). Please use "RSA Research Network" as the subject line for your email.

The Research Network is a great option for anyone beginning a new phase in his/her research and looking for substantial feedback and ideas for further development and/or revision. Participants will also make contacts with other scholars interested in similar research areas and issues.

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