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RYAN, Kathleen J. and NATALLE, Elizabeth J.

Spring 2001, pages 69-90

Fusing Horizons: Standpoint Hermeneutics and Invitational Rhetoric

Abstract: This essay emends Foss, Foss, and Griffin's invitational rhetoric to strengthen its philosophical undergirdings and release it from unfounded criticism. Standpoint hermeneutical rhetoric is the framework offered to position the theory more solidly in the canon. Three strategic moves include discovering and revising its epistemological stance to reflect Lorraine Code's concepts of knowing others and second personhood; connecting Gadamer's philosophical hermeneutics to rhetoric; and using Gadamer's emphasis on position and historicity to develop the connection to feminist standpoint theory. Conclusions point toward the implications of invitational rhetoric as dialogue linked to practical application in public communication and pedagogy.

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