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CFP: Submit your RSA 22 Conference Papers to the Edited Conference Volume

The Charge for Change: 

Charges from the Rhetoric Society of America

The Rhetoric Society of America’s 20h Biennial Conference, held both in Baltimore and online, invites its participants to engage with rhetoric’s purposes, demands, and energies in a post-pandemic world when the allure of returning to “normal” is in tension with the opportunity for reparative transformation. For many, “normal” was never inclusive, generative, or accessible.  

This call invites those who presented on this theme at the conference, either in person or online, to submit their revised papers to an edited volume inspired by the conference and its “The Charge for Change” theme, to be published by Parlor Press.

Submissions should be no longer than 3,500 words, including the bibliography. Your essay should be prepared in MLA Format, 9th edition.  (For a reminder of MLA Format, please visit the Purdue OWL at

Title Page: Include a Title Page with title, your name and email address, and a 1-2 sentence professional biography.  If the paper appeared at the conference under a different title, note that as the last sentence of your professional biography.  Include an abstract written in informative style (see the Purdue OWL for information about abstracts written in informative style at

Use of Visuals: Permission to reprint any images not created by the author should be cleared with the rights holder in advance, with captions and credit lines placed in the text and hi-res image files provided separately. Images typically don't fall under fair use provisions and thus require permission to use unless they are already in the public domain, royalty-free, or Creative Commons licensed. Please include full source/credit information in the image's caption and be prepared to provide permission evidence to the publisher during production.

Document and File Format:  Your essay should be prepared in MLA Format, 9th edition. Submissions should be submitted in two attachments (in both MS Word and pdf format), double-spaced with a 12-point font

So that we can move the collection into production as early as possible, only polished, correctly formatted essays can be considered.

Deadline:  October 15, 2022

For questions, contact the volume’s editors, Elizabethada Wright ( and David Beard ( using the volume’s gmail address (

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