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RSA Development Council Annual Report to RSA Members

Dear RSA Members,

The Development Council thanks RSA members for a very successful year, reflecting your generosity and commitment. Even during a second year of difficult pandemic conditions for everyone, together we made substantial contributions to the success of RSA now and in the future.  

Those who have made charitable contributions to RSA over and above their regular membership dues, not only in 2021 but in all years, are listed on the Donors page of the RSA website. A special thanks to them and best wishes to all for the holiday season and throughout the coming new year.

Below are some details of this year’s successes.

Prepared by the RSA Development Council: Carolyn Miller (Chair), Fred Antczak, David Blakesley, John Brereton, Richard Leo Enos, Cinthia Gannett, Andrea Lunsford, Jack Selzer, and Leslie Dinauer (ex officio)

Lauer Fund mini-campaign

To celebrate the life and work of founding RSA member Janice Lauer Rice, who died in April at the age of 88, we encouraged memorial contributions to the Lauer Endowment, which promotes the education and professional development of graduate students in rhetoric, a cause dear to Janice’s heart. We received $2905 from 13 donors.

Leff challenge campaign

In October and November, we asked RSA members to contribute at least $3500 to meet a challenge from eight lead donors, who put up $7000 for the Leff Endowment. You far exceeded our modest challenge by contributing more than double that amount. We received $8405 from 29 donors, including 13 first-time donors to RSA. We thus added a total of $15,405 to the Leff Endowment. This will enable RSA to support more students than ever for the 2023 Summer Institute.

Other gifts

Also during 2021 we received gifts to the Corbett Endowment of $250.00, to the Lunsford Diversity Endowment of $580.00, and to the RSA General Fund of $500.00.

What your gifts do

Using interest income from the endowments, the 2021 RSA Institute provided $8000 in financial sponsorships for graduate students, with over half going to those from BIPOC and other traditionally marginalized communities.

What your gifts add up to

RSA currently has four endowments totaling $­­­­­258,670. The interest from the endowments supports a variety of activities, including new initiatives by the RSA President, professional development of graduate students, and the enhancement of diversity and inclusion in RSA. The Corbett Endowment now has a balance of $51,478, the Lauer Endowment has $61,044, the Leff Endowment has $75,914, and the Lunsford Endowment has $70,234. Each pays out at approximately four percent per year.

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