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Rhetoric Society of America - RSQ Editorial Transition

Dear RSQ authors and prospective authors-- 

As you may be aware, 2011 is the last year of Carolyn Miller's four-year term as RSQ editor. Carolyn's successor, James Jasinski, University of the Puget Sound, was named by the RSA Board of Directors last June. 

We are working together to make the editorial transition as seamless as possible, but since a healthy journal (like RSQ) always has multiple manuscripts in different stages of review and revision, the transition will affect different authors in different ways. 

Carolyn is coming close to filling her last issues for 2011, so starting immediately, Jim will be reading submissions that have not yet been processed. If you have submitted a manuscript, you may check on its status through Manuscript Central. If your submission has not yet received a decision and has not yet been assigned to reviewers, Jim will be handling it. Because this transition is happening somewhat earlier than we had anticipated, there may be some delay as he learns the editorial functions of Manuscript Central and catches up with the backlog. Authors of submitted manuscripts that have not yet been acted on always have the option of withdrawing their submission if they prefer to avoid further delay. 

Carolyn will continue to handle manuscripts that are out for review or that have received a decision of revise and resubmit or provisional acceptance. Provisionally accepted manuscripts are assured of a place in one of the 2011 issues if a satisfactory revision is received within the next several months. Manuscripts whose authors who were asked to revise and resubmit will be handled by Carolyn until the final issue of 2011 is filled. At that time, Jim start making the decisions on these manuscripts, with full access to the reviewer reports and previous decisions archived in the Manuscript Central system. 

Please let us know if you have questions about this process, and we look forward to working with RSQ authors in our goal to publish the best work in rhetorical studies. 

Carolyn Miller
RSQ Editor, 2008-11 

James Jasinski
RSQ Editor-Elect, 2012-15

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