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2011 RSA Institute Program

Five Seminars and Twenty Workshops Offered

2011 RSA Institute Program


Seminar 1: Composing Multimodal Rhetorics, Anne Frances Wysocki (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)and Dennis A. Lynch (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)

Seminar 2: Rhetoric’s Critical Genealogies, Jim Jasinski University of Puget Sound), Vanessa Beasley (Vanderbilt University), Chuck Morris (Boston College) and Kirt Wilson (Pennsylvania State University)

Seminar 3: Communicating Science to 21st Century Audiences, Alan G. Gross (University of Minnesota)

Seminar 4: Digital Humanities and the History of Rhetoric, Ned O’Gorman (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Ekatrina Haskins (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and Kassie Lamp (Arizona State University)

Seminar 5: Rhetoric in the Schools—A Seminar for Denver Metro and Boulder High School Teachers, Roger Cherry (Ohio State University) and David Jolliffe (University of Arkansas) 


Workshop 1: Mass Communication in Rhetorical History, Peter Simonson (University of Colorado) at Boulder and Dave Tell (University of Kansas) 

Workshop 2: Rhetoric’s Materiality, Greg Dickinson (Colorado State University) and Brian Ott (University of Colorado at Denver)

Workshop 3: The Possibility and Limits of Human Rights Discourse, Gerard Hauser (University of Colorado at Boulder) and Erik Doxtader (University of South Carolina; Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (Cape Town))

Workshop 4: Communication and Social Justice in a Global Age, Stephen John Hartnett (University of Colorado at Denver)

Workshop 5: The Intersections of Rhetoric and Ethnography, Ralph Cintron (University of Illinois at Chicago), Phaedra Pezzullo (Indiana University) and Candice Rai (University of Washington at Seattle

Workshop 6: Klal Rhetorica: Jewish Rhetorical Traditions, Janice W. Fernheimer (University of Kentucky) and David Metzger (Old Dominion University)

Workshop 7: Remembering as Citizens, Bradford Vivian (Syracuse University) and Carole Blair (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Workshop 8: Science, Controversy, Policy, Jean Goodwin (Iowa State University)

Workshop 9: Non-rational Rhetorics, Debra Hawhee (Pennsylvania State University) and Diane Davis (University of Texas at Austin)

Workshop 10: The Local Public Sphere: Deliberation and Community, Linda Flower (Carnegie Mellon University) and Elenore Long (Arizona State University)

Workshop 11: Medicine and Its Publics, Lisa Keränen (University of Colorado at Denver) and J. Blake Scott (University of Central Florida)

Workshop 12: Emerging Genres, Carolyn R. Miller (North Carolina State University) and Victoria Gallagher (North Carolina State University)

Workshop 13: Critical Discourse Analysis, Tom Huckin (University of Utah) and Jenny Andrus,(University of Utah)

Workshop 14: "Free" Speech and the Production of Truth in Rhetoric, Susan C. Jarratt (University of California at Irvine) and Katherine Mack (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)

Workshop 15: Going Deep with "The New Rhetoric", Linda Bensel-Meyers (University of Denver), James Crosswhite (University of Oregon), David Frank (University of Oregon) and John Gage (University of Oregon)

Workshop 16: Rhetoric, Difference and Practical Criticism, Lester Olson (University of Pittsburgh)

Workshop 17: Rhetoric, Latin American and Latino/a Rhetoric, Lisa Flores (University of Colorado at Boulder) and Damian Baca (University of Arizona)

Workshop 18: Technological Rhetorics, Jordynn Jack (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill) and Jeremiah Dyehouse (University of Rhode Island)

Workshop 19: Rhetorical Leadership, David Kaufer (Carnegie Mellon University), Ron Placone (Carnegie Mellon University) and Gregory Clark (Brigham Young University)

Workshop 20: RSA Career Retreat for Associate Professors, Cheryl Geisler (Simon Fraser University) and Patricia Roberts-Miller (University of Texas at Austin) - Cancelled for 2011 Institutue

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