Welcome to the website of the Rhetoric Society of America. RSA welcomes scholars, teachers, and students of rhetoric in all of its manifestations. RSA’s purpose is to support and advance the work of people who study rhetoric in a variety of disciplinary contexts.

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Consequently, RSA embraces a broad conception of rhetoric which includes spoken, written, visual and material texts, artifacts, and experiences, situations ranging from the public to the private, from face-to-face to digital, and operating within historical and contemporary social, political, and cultural contexts including race, gender, class, sexuality, disability, and ethnicity among others. Because the arts of persuasion, with a rich history dating to antiquity, continue to be a vital force in shaping personal and public life, we are committed to furthering its study. 

So RSA serves as a gathering place for scholars housed in various disciplines that allows them to come together to explore rhetoric. These people work in a wide range of academic programs including communication studies, composition studies, English, history, linguistics, philosophy, political science and sociology and some are independent scholars. We also boast members from more than a dozen nations beyond the USA, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Israel, and Sweden. In addition, RSA enjoys productive and mutually rewarding relationships with numerous other rhetoric societies, like the Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric, the Latin American Rhetoric Association, and the Rhetoric Society of Europe. 

The work of RSA is aimed at supporting the work of people who study rhetoric from undergraduate students through senior scholars. We sponsor a biennial national conference in even-numbered years. The next conference will be held in May 2018 in Minneapolis—a conference that will mark RSA’s 50th year. In odd-numbered years, RSA sponsors an institute consisting of week-long seminars and two-day workshops on specific topics in rhetoric. In 2019, the RSA Institute will be held at the University of Maryland (June 2-8, 2019), and first RSA Summer Project (May 20-23, 2019) gathering will be held at the University of Nevada, Reno. These events are designed around the project of mentoring and supporting each other in all phases of our careers. 

We are also pleased to publish the Rhetoric Society Quarterly, a leading interdisciplinary journal covering all areas of rhetorical studies, and a growing list of monographs in the RSA Series in Transdisciplinary Rhetoric with Penn State University Press.   

If you are interested in rhetorical studies, please consider joining RSA.  For a membership application, CLICK HERE.  If you are already a member, thank you! Navigating the website will bring you in contact with RSA activities and projects, and we invite your continued active participation.

Gregory Clark, President

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