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RSQ Volume 41
Number 4

Summer 2011

Please click on the author's name below to view the article abstracts for the Summer 2011 issue:

Summer 2011, 41:4, pages 295 - 315
Mimesis, Duality, and Rhetorical Education

SOUDERS, Michael
Summer 2011, 41:4, pages 316 - 339
Truthing it in Love”: Henry Ward Beecher's Homiletic Theories of Truth, Beauty, Love, and the Christian Faith

DESILET, Gregory & APPEL, Edward C.
Summer 2011, 41:4, pages 340 - 362
Choosing a Rhetoric of the Enemy: Kenneth Burke's Comic Frame, Warrantable Outrage, and the Problem of Scapegoating

GRAY, Nicole H.
Summer 2011, 41:4, pages 363 - 386
Recording the Sounds of “Words that Burn”: Reproductions of Public Discourse in Abolitionist Journalism


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