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RSQ Volume 38 Number 3

Summer 2008

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Summer 2008, 38:3, pages 239-258
On the Origins of Speech as a Discipline: James A. Winans and Public Speaking as Practical Democracy

Summer 2008, 38:3, pages 259-282
Professor Burke's "Bennington Project"

KIRSCH,Sharon J. 
Summer 2008, 38:3, pages 283-310
"Suppose a grammar uses invention": Gertrude Stein's Theory of Rhetorical Grammar

DEPALMA,Michael-John,Jeffrey M. Ringer,Jim Webber 
Summer 2008, 38:3, pages 311-334
(Re)Charting the (Dis)Courses of Faith and Politics, or Rhetoric and Democracy in the Burkean Barnyard

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